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J2ME Game Development: Issues and Troubleshooting.(TM) - Devices and their Canvas

by Massimo Perrone (Hanami Solutions)

1.0 Devices and their Canvas

As mentioned before, there are countless mobile devices and those equipped with J2ME feature displays ranging from a minimum resolution of 96*51 B/W up to much wider screens in 176*144 with thousands colors like that of Nokia 7650. Like you can see, it's quite challenging being able to write just one version of the source code and have it adapting each time to the different sizes and palette ranges available. To be honest, there are actually methods to achieve this but if used they may end up slowing down execution of code on low-end devices and bloating the applications' size. Let's analyse how to proceed to overcome the problem of different displays' features.

1.1 Sorting out Canvas

A first approach consists of managing to sort the various devices according to the size of their canvas in 2 or 3 categories so to create, at most, 3 versions of of the same program to mantain it easily. Choice should be made bearing in mind more or less similar screensizes and whether they are colour or black and white.

Here is a sample of popular devices sorted out by the above mentioned criteria:

  • 1) Motorola v60i, Motorola v66, Nokia 3410, Nokia 6310i, Siemens M50 and Siemens C55.
  • 2) Nokia 7210, Nokia 6610, Sharp Gx10, Samsung T100 and Motorola T720.
  • 3) Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650 and above.

  • We have then chosen 3 categories: first one only contains black and white devices, the second one those color models with similar screensize, the third lists those models whose screen is too big to fall in the second category. Now it is of vital importance to choose what size the picture we are going to show on screen will be.

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