The Basics in Java
1.0 Installation of the development system 
1.0.1 How to install Sun Microsystems JDK
1.0.2 How to install Microsoft Java SDK
1.1 How does a program work?
1.2 Variables and numbers 
1.2.1 Variables
1.2.2 Integers
1.2.3 Arithmetic operators
1.2.4 Double and Float
1.2.5 Bytes
1.2.6 Converting between integers and floating point numbers
1.3 Methods, classes and references 
1.3.1 Methods
1.3.2 Classes and objects
1.3.3 References and allocating objects (the new command)
1.4 Other important elements in Java 
1.4.1 Strings
1.4.2 Logical operators (Boolean variables)
1.4.3 IF-statements
1.4.4 FOR-loops
1.4.5 WHILE-loops
Your First Applet
Threads and Animation
Images and Parameters
Mouse messeges
Links and Menus